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My Kart Listing "For Sale"
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Last Emmick sold, headed to Midwest......!  Gone  Big Grin

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Latest update on my Vintage Collection sell off :  

Since I got little action, meaning no cash exchanged hands on my Orange Bug Stinger, 68 Bug rear...Steve Welte  restoration/modified Kart, and the 61 Rupp Road Runner ....I decided to send them off to my buddy Gary in Los Angeles
....we packed my enclosed race trailer with the three Vintage karts, two of my mini bikes, two welders and a ton of tools.

Gary fell in love with the Welte Bug, so it's probably no longer for sale, but if there's any interest in the other karts/mini bikes they can be purchased in SoCal .

Does this mean I'm done, no !   I decided to restore the 60 Alpha Mark 10, not the most nimble vintage machine, but one that brings me back to my roots in early karting.

Plus I am modifying my later model French Alpha Kart , off come the plastics, the Parilla water cooled engine, and replacing the two stroke with a fully modified clone four stroke to have some fun on the local "Parking Lot" events .

Also in the Que of future builds is my Taco Frijole reproduction mini, plenty of vintage parts to work with, so there's plenty of fun in the future .

At the moment I'm finally selling my house and in the process of restoring my old shop and restoring a Vintage mobile home ......lots of work, but that's what retirement is really all about, keeping busy with projects you long as the money holds out !

Check back here, as I uncover lots of old vintage parts to share and sell .....thanks to all my vintage friends for helping me with downsizing the collection.

It's very hard to let go of the karts you love, but I know they all have gone to others that love this hobby as much as I do !

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Just stay in touch.
(04-16-2018, 07:10 PM)steve welte Wrote: Just stay in touch.

I second that! Good luck Randy!
(04-17-2018, 07:37 AM)Tom Day Wrote:
(04-16-2018, 07:10 PM)steve welte Wrote: Just stay in touch.

I second that! Good luck Randy!

I'll  3rd it !
Sure hate to see you moving on.  Please do drop us a line on occassion.
I can't believe how hard it is to move, this has become a full time job, finally got into a small apartment between the mobile restoration and the sale of my house .  Too small, but functional .....soon I'll start moving stuff from my garage at the house back to the shops.....when the mobile restoration is done I'll be able to start the 60 Alpha Mark Ten project .

Vintage kart projects never stop, but they do collect a lot of dust before finished back to moving !

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I just moved after 32 years in the same house in Livermore.  Now in West Sacramento.

It will be another year before I get out of all the boxes.

Did Bakersfield two weekends ago, after being out of the saddle for 9 months.

Moving is a full time job, only I'm still working two jobs and taking care of my disabled wife.

Took hours just to find all the stuff i needed for the event and get the trailer loaded.

Still, it was a great event, and great to be back on the track.

Keep it going, Bud!
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA
Jim....moving is a wake up call to let you know've got to start selling what you don't use, give it away or ......

the "Or" is where I'm at....... Big Grin ....or spend more money for more space.....I was trying to down size not expand .
Randy, if still available (I realize its an old post) I have interest in the sidewinder. Sent you a PM. Thanks

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