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My Kart Listing "For Sale"
(01-10-2018, 03:04 PM)Randy Dacus Wrote: MSBRADY66 has private messaging disabled. You cannot send private messages to this user.
Reply: Only late 80's Emmick left, $850 + shipping  .

Orange Bug Stinger NOS, no engine roller......still available .  

Bus Freighter shipping runs around $150, depends on weight and bulk, plus how many extra boxes needed to ship wheels ,steering  wheel, plastics( if desired ), seat or upholstery.

I only charge for the shipping, no handling charges added on......after I stretch wrap the chassis, box the parts......I measure and weigh for quote.....that's what you pay.  Grey Hound Express is very slow, the tracking just tells you it shipped, I've never lost a kart, but waiting for delivery has it's moments !  The website says average delivery is about ten days......that's a joke.....can take ten days to just have room to get on the first bus out of the station, then it has to transfer to other buses.......the way I package karts to ship by Grey Hound works's just very slow and you have to go pick it up asap when it finally arrives or you pay extra for storage !

My "Welte 68 Bug" is also still for sale......and the Rupp Road Runner for those that want rear engine chassis karts.

Tom.....only a grand for the Sprint after you hauled it to me.........only a buddy would say that  Cool !

How much is the bug kart ?
Orange Bug Stinger = $1200 + shipping

Red Bug 68 restored by Steve Welte = $1600 +shipping

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Good price on the Bug Sprint. I really liked the one I had. Bill Parun has it now. Good handling kart. TJ
(10-18-2017, 07:45 PM)Randy Dacus Wrote: Emmicks......

Clean with bumpers, set up for club track racing, vintage just remove the plastic pods . $850 roller

Older model with damaged fiberglass nose and panels, seat was medium, but it fit a nine year old girl perfectly
so I sold it ..... Angel to her . Comes with Yammy KT 100/pipe sits $600 . I like the simple lines and chassis.

I took the Emmick fuel tank that was attached to the yellow Margay Pro X off and it's available for an extra $100
if you buy the older Emmick with the KT100 and want an original Emmick gas tank .

Update: # 24 Emmick sold, yellow Margay is sold, Emmick with plastic side pods is still for sale 1/10/18 .

What state do you live in?
Karts ship from Chico, California......which is about 80 miles north of Sacramento, the state capital .
Could you get me the ID number and see what the measurement is between kingpin centers
For the number 17 Emmick. Thanks Scott
28 inches center to center, did not find any ID number, just has Emmick on bearing plates . Very nice chassis in excellent
condition . If someone is looking for this era Emmick you don't them this nice anymore ......the seller that sold it to me
didn't really want to part with it, Terry Ives was going to repair the blown DAP engine, but the seller was in financial trouble so I went home with it !
Sorry to bother you again. There's one there it's on the inside left hangar next to brake rotor side.
Msbrady66, I don't know if you saw, but we require all members to have real names. Please follow the imstructions at
" There's one there it's on the inside left hangar next to brake rotor side. "

Reply : I looked and as noted only marking is the stamped Emmick on the hangers.......if there is a number it's hidden
under the brake caliper ?

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