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Bug Scorpion - Karting World (May 1962) Test
Bug Scorpion - Karting World (May 1962) Test

(05-15-2017, 07:34 PM)Scott Elkes Wrote: Bug Scorpion - Karting World (May 1962) Test

Here's Charlie Craibe's '61 as it was in '62. TJ
Ted johnson sorry to jump in here but im new and could not figure out any other way...anyway David l says you are the authority on Bug Karts. I just picked up what i think is a 63 Wasp..similar front end to the scorpion here. Sorry alao cant figure out how to put in a frame looks pretty original but it is slightly older than me also has stamped 4 digit serial # on left side bolster any thoughts...let me know if i can send some pics.
Hey, Mark. PM me and you can email me pix of the kart. Between you, me, Jack Canady and Al Klusman, we can figure out if it's a Bug brand kart and what year. Check out the post Tom Kelley just added of the Konig powered Bug Stinger! WoW! Ted
Thread last entry from January. 

Uploading a picture into this forum as people know can be a challenge. Brian Santee created a post on this process. 

It appears the final appearance has changed from showing a thumbnail photo to a URL Link. So, you'll will not see the pictures in Brian's write-up, it will come up as the assigned inserted number instead.

Patience is needed to understand uploading multiple images. 

The link...

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