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Australian Karts
I have several Facebook friends (Mates) down under. I asked Frank Viola about his latest kart restoration. It is a bit more modern what the forum is use to seeing, however, he gave a very nice history which our forum group would be interested in. The Demon kart's manufacturer currently produces a popular modern chassis used in the USA--the Arrow kart.

Demon Kart by Frank Viola

Hi Scott, the Demon X8 replaced the Demon X6 in 1988, which in turn replaced the Demon in about 1985. 

The Demon range of Karts were built by DPE (Drew Price Engineering). in Melbourne. They are the biggest Kart Chassis fabrication company in Australia. They build the "Deadly" Chassis and until recently the "Monaco" Chassis. In 1990/91 the Demon XP replaced the Demon X8. They were both designed for the more exotic European Rotary and Reed Valve Engines. 

The XP originally had a 30ml axle and then later a larger 40 ml axle. I used my original X8 to run a Yamaha KT 100 SE engine. 

I then bought an XP to run a Reed Valve Parilla TT75 and also a Rotax DSB Rotary Valve engine. I also then bought a Twin Engine XP Chassis and ran in the Clubman Twin class. They had two Yamaha KT 100 SE engines. 

The Demon XP2 Chassis replaced the XP in around 1993 / 94. That was the last of the Demon series. Since then, the Arrow Chassis has been the main chassis that DPE has built. 

The red X8 has a Parilla TT75 Reed Valve engine on it at present....The chassis is now sold and I will probably find another project to work on.

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