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Brazil's "Kart Mini"
The "Kart Mini" is a kart brand that brothers Wilson and Emerson Fittipaldi along with a third partner started in the 1960s.

Ad from the early 1970s...

A Kart Mini restored, recreated to look like Emerson's 1968 Brazil National Championship kart and was powered by a Mc-75. Just returning to the pit from a track run on a television production special. Do you think the two time F1 World Champion and Indy 500 Champion had fun?

Emerson with the kart's restorer Marcelo Afornali (right) and Emerson's young son (at left). Emerson's son drove the modern kart at right and I believe also that is a Kart Mini...

I came across this picture while looking for the Brazilian manufactured engines. If memory serves me, the 1968 National Championship kart.

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