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Putting this on the new Vintage Karting Forum.

These used to be available from TS Racing and others some years ago, but can't be found at present. So, I made up some tooling and can now produce these. As you can see in the photos, it is basically a short cylinder that has a 5/16 hex hole down the middle, with 4 set screw locations, and a Bondhus hex tip cut off to fit. Cylinder will last forever. Replacement Bondhus tips can be bought from many places. I do keep a bit of graphite grease on the tip, as this service is not what Bondhus had in mind for their bits.  $35 including postage if you are interested.  BTW, this price barely pays me for labor to do the machining - and is pretty much equivalent to what I paid 10+ years ago to buy one.

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Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA

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