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dave luciani
i don't need steve to wt his kart. 
i'll just open my little can of whomp ass and he'll be in the dust. 
bwa ha ha
d Cool
Dave L.
hes awful quiet.....must be shakin in his boots....prolly out shopping for some new vise grips and duct tape...

sorry Steve,,,,,,had to ..
sportsman rear ..sounds good to me ...
somebody needs to tell farmer brown he's being called out. 
seriously doubt he has the time to show up and get his butt handed to him but it would be fun.
d Cool
Dave L.
I think there scared of a real track with more than 3
ahem, so naturally the minute i get mouthy on the forum and say i'm going to an event life steps in and wrecks it.

As many know, i haven't worked for a long time.
 first it was my sweeties illness that screwed me up but i did that willingly. 
then after she passed i was just getting back to shows when the morons in charge of the world closed up shop.
i did get unemployment but that ran out. 
anyway the point is Local 52 through local 74 offices sent me a job offer in NYC .

i've worked small gigs for movies before but usually i get cut early on as i'm just an extra for local 52.
that may happen this time too but i have been kept on the call so far.
so there's a tiny possibility i'll be working the whole shoot.
the problem is if i leave the call that's it game over.

the way it works is i'm hired/ fired every day.
work day ends they say thank you and i head home.
then  i get rehired every evening or i get cut and i can't ask or they think you're cocky and send you.
if i was a 52 card holder it would be different but i am a stage hand not a movie hand.

and the money is way to much to skip. 
plus insane hours, for those of you that don't know movie calls can go into major overtime hours.
right now its easy 8 hours at work but that changes and everything after 8 is overtime.
14-20  hour days isn't unusual.

added to that, going to NYC takes at least 1.5 hours morning and evening and in reality uses up at least four more hours.
saturday and sunday are free days , so i get two days off right now subject to change also.

Now everyone knows i love racing but eating is something i do every day.
So i may have to miss the upcoming race possibly miss the whole season if this job firms up.

kinda sucks but work wise i'm kinda excited.

dave l 
D Cool
Dave L.
Hey, Grumpy, I wish you the very best! As an old contract design/engineer, I never knew how long any gig would last. You never knew how long you'd be sitting by the phone and computer waiting for the next job. I know your pain. I hope to get back to the track someday myself. With the immune deficiency, I don't dare go until either the virus is gone, or I'm immunized for sure. Good luck with the gig! Yer Bud, Ted Confused
Hi guys, so I've been working over two weeks now. 
Seems like I'm on the whole run.
Weve been working long hours Monday was ten Tuesday was 14 .
Wednesday was 7 am to 1100 PM .
Now we"re in shop only do 10 hour days here.
Long story short money is way to good , hours are stupid so I doubt I'll be racing for at least another month.
Dave L.
Dave, if you have to miss LaFeyette theres alway June and or July at Avon. Both great events

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