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What is it? (rough new breed)
Hello all, 
New member here,
I saw this Kart for sale locally, Anybody know what it is?
I’m tempted, but I don’t know what it’s worth.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

.jpeg   E033DAE1-D330-4744-9872-8ED9C51838E8.jpeg (Size: 160.51 KB / Downloads: 75)

.jpeg   4D44687B-4DBB-4647-8A7A-CE63F032A8D1.jpeg (Size: 159.98 KB / Downloads: 55)
new breed I think ...???
new breed for sure. 
looks pretty complete but hard to say with the two pix how many issues it has.
looks like the steel tube seat frame is missing. not a deal breaker but could be hard to find a replacement.
anything under 300 is totally fair.
anything over 500 would need to see better pix.
if you don't want it someone here is bound to buy it. 
where is it located?

d Cool
Dave L.
i'm correcting myself. 
closer look i think thats a new breed enduro. 
d Cool
Dave L.
Thanks Guys.
New Breed is an early Margay...right?
Would you have a guess on approx. year?
I’ll try and get it bought for under 300
Thanks, Alan
The cast aluminum pedals will either have Margay or King cast where your foot rests. The New Breed sprint frame rails are usually wider at the rear. This one looks more like a Cheetah enduro that has the rear suspension from new breed. But rear engine New Breed would make sense from the other post with more pics.

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