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820 rings - ted johnson - 07-16-2021

The 820 single ring pistons that K Precision was selling, is the ring chrome, or is it a standard steel/iron ring like a normal 820. According to Dave Bonbright, you should NOT run a chrome ring against a chrome bore. I'm hoping these pistons and rings were meant to retrofit an earlier 820 so you can upgrade the engine. )f course, you can run a chrome ring OR a standard ring on Nikasil, but not on chrome bores. Any thoughts? Thanks. Ted

RE: 820 rings - Terry Bentley - 07-19-2021

You can run anything on a Nkasil bore but only cast iron or steel on chrome bores. Is there anyone offering g0ld rings for the vintage stuff yet?

RE: 820 rings - steve welte - 08-12-2021

The lastest ring was a dultile iron ring. Unlike the cast ring it is about imposible to break.

RE: 820 rings - ted johnson - 08-13-2021

Hey, Steve. Hope you are all well. I had my share of the brittle cast 700 rings! I found out about the ductile 820 ring. Better, but I would love to find a NOS stock bore thin ring (.024) piston. Two .024 rings are a lot better than a single .062 ring. If anyone has one, give me a yell.
Same goes for a +.015 or .020 NOS 610 .024 ring piston. Thanks, guys. Ted