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Site difficulties? - ted johnson - 10-12-2019

One of my friends here in AZ is getting a message that the site's security certificate has expired. It concerns him, so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else is getting that message. I am not, but that isn't to say that someone else may not be getting it. Thanks. Ted Johnson

RE: Site difficulties? - Bob Alexander - 10-12-2019

The old site has the problem for several days now.


RE: Site difficulties? - ted johnson - 10-12-2019

Thanks, Bob. I sent the link so he can read your response. Ted

RE: Site difficulties? - Gary Wlodarsky - 10-14-2019

no problems here.........


RE: Site difficulties? - ted johnson - 10-14-2019

GW, I don't have any issues myself, it's one of my AZ friends. TJ