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Karting on TV ... TODAY 2/19 - RolfP4 - 02-19-2017

World Pro Karting Series 8-9 PM on CBSSN:

Verizon              94 
Direct               221
Dish                 158
Xfinity/Comcast 732

RE: Karting on TV ... TODAY 2/19 - john phippen - 02-20-2017

I watched it.a cpl good features. Wish they had shown more races. I taped it if anyone wants to come watch it

RE: Karting on TV ... TODAY 2/19 - Scott Elkes - 02-20-2017

Actually, it is the United States Pro Kart Series. It is on the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN). It is labeled in the program guide as "Auto Races" and in the description and it does indicate kart racing. If you missed last night's races (Sunday) the network has a kart race broadcast scheduled this morning at 10am-11am. I don't know if this is a repeat or another set of classes to be shown as a new episode. 

If you're passion is karting (vintage or modern) this really does merit a watch! In my opinion, this is the best American television broadcast coverage of kart racing I've seen to date (The way it should be done). Way better than the 60s ABC's Wide World of Sports or present day's KartLife or CBSSN's SuperKartsUSA (SKUSA) series coverage.  

The 2016 event takes place at New Castle Motorsports Park, Indiana. This one hour coverage is dedicated to two races, the Yamaha Seniors (age 15 and up) and Cadet Swifts (age 8 - 12) for this episode showing nearly all of both races.  I even saw young friend Braden Eves (41j) standing in pre-grid (who races 125cc TaG had a banner year with wins in USPKS, SKUSA and WKA in 2016) when the broadcast went to commercial break during the Yamaha Sr. race. I hope to see Braden's race in a future episode?