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  Panther X entry
Posted by: john phippen - 02-19-2016, 06:03 AM - Forum: Member Entries - Replies (5)

Besides the Simplex I'm going to enter a Panther X into the build off. Bought the bare chassis from Chuck G. and have been amassing piece. Here's where we're at so far. John

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  Bug sprint build
Posted by: carl haydt - 01-24-2016, 12:16 PM - Forum: Member Entries - No Replies

Just to show I'm not partial to Fox karts (i really am) I've decided to build an original Bug Sprint too.
[Image: 005_zps7uiberir.jpg]

[Image: 006_zpsd4go40c5.jpg]

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  my entry rick violet rupp dart restoration
Posted by: rick violet - 01-22-2016, 11:39 PM - Forum: Member Entries - Replies (24)

            here is a few pics of the dart i will be restoring
more pics once disassembled

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  Packing for Bushnell
Posted by: RolfP4 - 01-22-2016, 09:01 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Weather is looking GREAT for Bushnell. High 60s to low 70s and not much chance of precipitation.  

With 2 feet of snow predicted for TONIGHT in Maryland, I'll be bring my kart up from the basement TODAY.  I'll be ready to pack Tuesday and the roads should be passable by Wednesday.  

Hope we don't lose power.  I'd hate to leave the generator running and my wife screaming while I'm gone!   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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  How I got started....
Posted by: Loyd Blackwell - 01-21-2016, 07:55 PM - Forum: Member reminiscences about karting early years - Replies (5)

  When my Dad first started karting he had sprint cars for quite a few years. They raced at a little track in Rendon just south of Ft. Worth. There was another small track between Ft. Worth and Dallas that they raced at and sometimes practiced at on off days. I was really to young at that time to race, this was early '60s, but I had the burning desire and just getting a ride was big fun. I guess I though they were big bumper cars. One time at one of those little tracks I conned a ride promising to go slow and be careful. I managed to get around a couple of times and was just getting into it when they started trying to flag me in so I decided to get one more lap in and coming down the straight I floored it just to feel the power. Well that old Mac torqued so hard it pinned my head to the back of the seat and before I could get off of it I was in the old tires at the end of the straight...... didn't get hurt or bend any thing but I didn't get anymore rides for a long time either. But that one short burst down the straight had hooked me and after that I would do anything just to get my hands on one, even if it was just cleaning parts. So for a long time that's all I did was clean parts. The Dad and several friends would all go to the races on the weekends and the kids would stay home because they were out past our bedtime. After a while I started to earn the trust back got some rides at the Green Stamp warehouse parking lot. Going round and round breaking in new engines.
  Then sometime in the mid '60s Dad asked me if I wanted to ride down to Waco with him on a Saturday. I ask why? To pick up a new kart. Duh??? Would I like to go, what are we waiting on!!! So we went to Waco to Mercury Machine Tool and picked up a new enduro kart. I'd never seen one, or anything like it as far as that goes. I rode all the way back to Ft.Worth looking out the back window of the pickup at that marvelous looking machine in the bed. I don't know what ever happened to those old sprint karts. But those new ones were the thing, those long track machines. It was during this time Dad met George Dixon while doing some electrical work at the Santa Fe depot in Ft.Worth. George was a carman for Santa Fe and also raced. They started building and racing karts together. We had a lot of fun hitting every long track within a days drive. When I got into High School they started entering me in races after I got my license. They had another young driver, a family friend of Georges named Corky Daily. He was a natural. He won more races than anyone else I was ever around. That guy was something else on the track, he and another driver came around me on the outside of a turn at Green Valley one day and I couldn't believe how fast they were going. Of course I tried to keep up with them but it didn't last long. Just like High School, seemed like forever, but then it was over. I started an apprenticeship with the Electrical Workers Union and between working days and school at night there was not time for much else. Kart racing got left behind.....

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  tilly rebuilding
Posted by: David Luciani - 01-20-2016, 12:03 PM - Forum: tillotson carberator section - Replies (10)

i just love using old tilly alky karbs.
BUT they are a pain to get right.

so far i've learned to sand out every flat surface.
to clean them to death and clear all tiny holes.
to remove the adjustment needles a lightly buff them with 000 steel wool.
check all functions and moving parts.

and still i get issues.
so i'm starting a thread for everyone.
eventually all the guys "in the Know" will pipe in and we'll have a good thread for rebuild.
later today i'll post pix of four project tillies and post as i go on rebuilding them.

for now here's an ec birt utube video on pop off pressure


Tillotson carb tuning - 2 cycle.
This comes from an early, genuine Tillotson factory service brochure.  It still applies today as a great starting point.
                                      ( Go to  .. here ..  if you want a methanol or petrol double pump conversion setup )

Setting up your 2-cycle Tillotson Carburetor.
ith today's state of the art motors and stinger type exhaust systems, the following information will help you achieve the desired results that you need from these motors.  Before mounting your Tillotson carburetor check the pulse track from the carb mounting surface and make sure that this track through the carb adapter , gaskets and etc is clear and in line with each other.  
Set the low speed needle at 1+1/2 turns out and the high speed needle at 1+1/8 turns out.   Adjust the throttle stop screw on the carburetor so that it just cushions the butterfly when the throttle valve goes closed.  Do not set the carburetor so that the engine will idle as this will cause the engine to lean out in the corners and anytime you are off the throttle.

Track tuning your Tillotson Carburetor.
f the carburetor settings are too rich ( too much fuel ) the engine will falter at that section of the track corresponding to that particular range of the carburetor settings.  A spluttering or irregular firing sound will be heard.   This sound is also called  4 stroking.  If this sound occurs at low speed while at full throttle, such as coming out of a tight turn, it is usually due to the Low Speed adjusting needle being turned out too far.  If the sound occurs at high speed while at full throttle, such as on a straightaway section of the track, it is due to the High Speed adjusting needle being out too far.  In either case, needle adjustments must be made inwards gradually, in approximately 1/8 turn increments.  It is best to adjust the Low Speed needle first for best overall low speed performance and then follow with the final high speed adjustment.
If the engine does not 4 stroke or give the too rich firing sound, any place on the track, it could be because the engine is running too lean ( not enough fuel ).  This is easily checked by opening the needles out in 1/8 turn increments until the engine  4 strokes.    In general, the optimum performance and engine reliability will occur at carburetor settings just slightly leaner than the point where the engine will begin to 4 stroke.   

If you find that the engine will not chop off clean or is slow to come back from high rpm's when you lift the throttle, this is a sign that the pop-off pressure in the carb is too high.   The cure for this is to lower the pop-off pressure.   If you experience loading-up problems, this is a sign that the pop-off pressure may be too low.  The cure for this is to raise the pop-off pressure.  As a general rule of thumb, the pop-off pressure will be from 8 to 12 lbs,   and is a tuning factor that you can adjust for  the altitude of your racetrack and the type of racing that you do. 

                               [Image: parts2-2.gif]

dave[Image: cool.gif]

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  My start in vintage dave l.
Posted by: David Luciani - 01-19-2016, 12:20 PM - Forum: Member reminiscences about karting early years - Replies (3)

This will get updated but for now.
i never formally raced back in the day.
my family was simply too poor in many ways to spend money freely.
with five kids you get the idea.
anyway i always wanted a kart racing play whatever and tried building one many times.
my skills were lacking and by the time i could build things cars came into the picture.
i bought a 1965 mustang at 14 years old and spent years buying and selling muscle car relics to afford building one of my own.
back then a decent car was 1,000 bux and parts cars were 25-200 so we went through alot of iron.
later on i bought my first harley and never looked back.
years forward the "biker" scene for yuppies was a growing thing and just sucked the fun outta riding for me.
at the time i was building bikes from other people junk for fun.
then about 2004 my nephew showed up at the shop with what was left of an old go kart.
he asked us to get it running.
when i went to look at it i decided it was a pos and we just found one that was intact for him to ride.
so it just sat there.
one day we were sipping an adult beverage or two and the old two engined go kart was brought up.
i maintained even though it was heavy as heck it must've been raced.
a dispute with a minor wager later i was on the net trying to prove my side.
MONTHS later i found a site vintage karting and eventually id'd the karts as a 1959/60 sears racer kart.
never did collect on the bet maybe i should??

anyway i was FASINATED with these tiny racers.
like everything else i do led to being obsessed and i read EVERY post on any forum or book i could find.
that rapidly led to me buying one and as anyone knows if you have two vintage karts THEY BREED!!!
now ten or so years later i have so many i won't count them anymore.
enough for now
dave l.

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  Avatar Picture
Posted by: sterling brundick - 01-18-2016, 07:27 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

David or Brian - can you tell me how to fix my avatar picture please?  I don't understand why it's sideways when the original is correct. Smile   Thank you, Sterling

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  fox go boy
Posted by: thomas kelley - 01-18-2016, 06:12 PM - Forum: Member Entries - Replies (7)

    its going to be hard to compete with carl on the fox front but here is my entry.
1963 fox go boy

(01-18-2016, 06:12 PM)thomas kelley Wrote: its going to be hard to compete with carl on the fox front but here is my entry.
1963 fox go boy

found the original color and its at the powder coater right now

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  Fox #2
Posted by: carl haydt - 01-18-2016, 04:58 PM - Forum: Member Entries - Replies (1)

Fox #2
[Image: 039_zpsravb0yax.jpg]

(01-18-2016, 04:58 PM)carl haydt Wrote: Fox #2
[/url][url=http://s260.photobucket.com/user/modified32/media/Fox%20build%20for%20the%20kart%20forum/040_zpsbdethwqw.jpg.html][Image: 040_zpsbdethwqw.jpg][Image: 039_zpsravb0yax.jpg]

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