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Posted by: jhonmark23 - 10-06-2020, 01:07 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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  www.trendmicro.com.au downloadme
Posted by: jhonmark23 - 10-06-2020, 01:04 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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  Englishtown NJ Oct 9 & 10
Posted by: Al Postiglione - 10-05-2020, 11:32 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

It’s not too late....
Come on out and join in the fun.

Attached Files
.jpeg   45762208-4B95-4DEA-B2E1-046556B202D1.jpeg (Size: 756.27 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  daves kart retrieval adventure
Posted by: David Luciani - 10-05-2020, 11:35 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)


Hmmmm what to say.
Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused
kinda weird to be  finally writing again.

here goes, 

as many of you may know , i've been mia these last couple of years with personal issues.
it's been so long i've thought maybe i have lost my mojo vib for writing on the forum.
or maybe it's just the year from heck we are all suffering in thank goodness it's nearly over.
who knows but i'm stalling again. Dodgy

so  aaaanyway.
i was minding my own business a week or two ago.
i decided to take a quick look at the forum.
i have and had zero plans to buy anything.
 i actually need to thin the herd but anyone knowing me knows how unlikely that would be.

so what happened?
my dear friend smokey goes and posts ON THIS FORUM  about a hornet on ebay.
i love hornet but nice ones are hard to find so i took a look.
oh dear pretty perfect -n guy won't ship and it's fairly close - under 100 miles away. Shy Big Grin Shy
naturally my serious kart addiction kicked in and i put in a sneaky snipe bid . 
i also told my most likely to buy it friend that i was bidding so he dropped out. Angel

i then forgot all about the bid to protect my wallet.
 experience tells me i can be incredibly stupid in auction action and overspend.
well the auction came and went.
i didn't look at my email for days .
 Then i read the forum thread about who had won and realized from the price i had won it. 
happy happy happy  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

So now it's time to go get it. 
it's way down on the other side of new york city.
anyone that knows the city knows better than to try to drive through it.
so i figured out a decent route along the river that had less toll charges.
clever me i decide to go on saturday "to avoid heavy traffic."

at the same time i obligated myself to give a dear friend a ride home from her boat later in the day.
she has her daughters car in the shop and her daughter needed to go home early.
so i said sure this will only be about 5 hours round trip.
i was leaving soon it was around 1 pm what could possibly go wrong.
she was worried aboout me going so far the opposite way, i joked the latest i'd be would be midnight don't worry. Sleepy

i think i woke the gremlins up being so cocky.
i got a late start as the gps was refusing to route me where i wanted to go.
so i cleverly decide to just wing it and turn the gps on when i got to the zillion turn area of the city .
thing immediately went to crap. 

17 year old truck + heavy traffic on the parkway + a poorly designed curvey road in only fair condition + me trying to average 70 mph = NEW FUNNY NOISE.
luckily i was slowed down by traffic right then , heard the funny grinding noise under the truck and near a rest area.
 all at once , i pulled in and parked.

i suspected the BRAND NEW transmission that's in the truck.
it has a leak issue (repairs scheduled with the shop.) but i had leveled of the tranny before leaving.
i popped the hood and checked tranny fluid levels were fine.

so why the grinding noise?
i  decide maybe a hung caliper.
so i felt the front passenger rim rear rim and rear driver rim for unusual heat. nope nothing. 

as i was headed for driver front i noticed a black thing under my truck.
 what is that i wondered. Huh

 it was the gas tank hanging about two inches from the ground.
the grinding sound was the steel strap pushed up against the drive shaft by the loose tank.
repairs were in order.
i got out a brand new 800 pound test strap only the best in my hack roadside repairs!
 i wrapped it around the frame under the tank and ran it tight.
 to be extra sure i did a second loop with the excess.
ok all better lets go.

time passed doing this.

 i lost about 45 minutes but no worries

  plenty of time.

 of course by then somebody had done something stupid and traffic was now dead slow.

i decide to turn on the gps and discover my route is gonna be a hell ride.
turned out the 195 George Washington bridge was either closed or only partially open. 
that dumped everyone onto my route that was gonna save time and toll money.

even MORE  time passed

i called the guy told him i was running behind and eventually got through the Lincoln tunnel.
the gps then put me BACK ONTO i95 toll road and before i knew it i spent 35 bux in rip off tolls i was planning on avoiding.

i finally got to the sellers house and he was a cool dude. 
had a 65 mustang in his yard we looked at it a little and then went to get the kart.
on the side street there was a nice looking 1930ish model a 5 window with a for sale sign in it. 
one of my all time favorite old car and a bunch of Hasidic Jew guys were looking at it.

anyway we get the kart onto the truck and meanwhile a nieghbor comes by to chat.
turns out my seller was also selling the coupe.
so we trucked over to chat to these guys.
they knew NOTHING about old cars but were interested in buying it anyway.

so we chatted about the car 

time passed 

 finally , they walked off with the promise of maybe buying it. 
then i got to chatting about the car how much what's been fixed blah blah blah.

MORE  time passed .
i probably should've started worrying about that time thing about then.

 finally i decided i was insane and couldn't even think of buying it.
 though it's priced at 5,000 bux (not terrible start price).
 all original, all steel , rusty but fairly solid, and runs really good.

as i was getting ready to go the guy mentioned he hadn't been paid for the kart yet.
i was confused because i'd pay pal'ed him a week before.
so i went online and confirmed i'd paid. 
guy was still concerned.

long story short i made a call found out ebay was changing policy again so i became concerned too.
i spent another hour figuring out he was paid but money was on hold. 
new seller always get a 21 day hold on big sales thanks ebay.
guy was happy but pissed at ebay said my goodbyes and left.


as i was running pretty late i decided to go up 195 and pay the stupid toll.
checked my pocket and realized i had little cash.
went on phone and confirmed tolls are easy pass and cash only.
went to bank found bank card overdrawn. 
went to transfer money on phone had issues but finally a mere 1 hour later i was again with cash and rolling.

BUT more time had passed.

i set gps and it kindly told me i95 was slow and sent me on an alternative route.
sadly that route was sketchy for cell coverage and i missed a critical turn. 
that sent me a little of course about twenty miles one way.

i had started calling and texting gal about delays and was good about sending updates.
remember gal waiting for ride?
oddly she never answered or texted but i was busy being lost with a gps.

time was now spinning out of control but i had no way to fix it.

finally got back on track direction wise.
i was wondering about phone silence , decided to call her daughter.
daughter tells me was at boat without dinner or means to get some.
i'm three hours away and its 8 pm already.
oh oh i think .

lotta time has passed  , maybe i'm in Lady trouble
after all not many gals deal well with GUY hobbies making their life inconvenient .

sooo long story short i finally get to boat at 11.45 my silly joke about midnite had become real.
turns out her phone was in the rental.
 so she was really stuck there and was kinda happy to see me late though i was getting there.
gal being not too mad was a nice surprise.
 So we just crashed there for the nite , me just a touch nervously.
after all , she'd eaten some canned beans, salsa and stale chips for dinner
  aaand i was a touch late.
aaand we were sleeping in a boat instead of her being home at a reasonable hour.
sooooo, i guess maybe i owe her a dinner now? Confused

BUT back to important stuff like kart adventuring!
THE best part  of my Little adventure was next day.

i was getting something from the truck when the marina owner came over to chat. 
i showed him the load strap/gas tank repair and he noticed the kart in the truck.
one thing lead to another turns out his mechanic used to race go karts.

ding ding ding. Angel 
here i go again!

had him text mechanic and mechanic replied with some pix.
all the pix looked modern but mechanic had raced since he was a kid.
upshoot is he has at least one fifty year old kart maybe more stuff.
i'll be meeting him later this week.
who knows what'll happen. 

YEP I KNOW, I KNOW , i knooooow i gotta thin the herd.
but instead it's grown by two karts.
 a rupp i just got off a picker and a really nice hornet. 
and maybe a basement full of interesting things might be coming my way.
but life is either feast or famine and i gotta be me!
like i've always said these things breed like nobodies business.
who am i to stop that!

d Cool

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Posted by: Peterwills8979 - 10-05-2020, 12:35 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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Posted by: Peterwills8979 - 10-05-2020, 12:34 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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  ij.start canon
Posted by: Peterwills8979 - 10-05-2020, 12:31 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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  www.trendmicro.com.au downloadme
Posted by: Peterwills8979 - 10-05-2020, 12:29 AM - Forum: Go kart id by brands Pix and history and Country - No Replies

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  Bug Stinger
Posted by: Dominic Salvato - 10-03-2020, 11:35 AM - Forum: General - No Replies


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  Tucson Vintage Playdays November 13,14,15th 2020
Posted by: DEAN KANOCZ - 10-02-2020, 08:00 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Tucson Vintage Play Days will be here soon.

 November 13,14,15th 2020 at Musselman Honda Circuit.

All are welcome. Drivers 40.00 per day, pit pass for all spectators 10.00 per day.

Plenty of track time with your buddies on a great, smooth and wide track. We run a portion of the track due to its size.
3 covered grids, covered eating area, real flush toilet restrooms.

There is drone footage of us running under the lights on You tube under TMR racers.

Kart show, raffle and complimentary BBQ Saturday.

Camping is permitted.

Hope to see you there.

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