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Full Version: D-300 rupp kart
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Short History of Rupp Racing Karts final area of manufacture.
There came a point when Rupp industries decided to close it's doors.That is a story itself that we will explore at a later time. Robert Stanton bought all the left over inventory dies and molds from Rupp when the company went away.
He continues to produce rupp karts to this day. His company is call Robron and he's an easy guy to do business with anytime. Calling him can be a tedious process but keep trying he'll answer. at lunch time and after 5 pm works for me.
Special order complete karts and most frame parts are still just a phone call away.
The D-30 was manufactured as a play kart by Robron industries and many were shipped to Canada where they sold well. Originally they were equipped with a briggs flat head four stroke which was placed on a fixed mount to the left side.
The only difference between a Rupp abone and these is the addition of the motor mount and a different rear bumper.There is some small history of them being raced but they were produced after the heyday of rear engined karts so it was just local tracks and events..

below is a nice example of a Rupp D-300
i'm not sure if the mc powerplant is original to my knowledge they were never built that way. It's very possible that it was raced and the current owner found it exactly as he claims.regardless it's a nice kart.
Text below taken off ebay is sellers actual claims (accuracy on ebay is often questionable at best) but the kart and engine are both nice survivors.


Quote:1968 Rupp D300  with McCulloch MC91A this is original survivor in as found condition original paint extremely clean engine. Engine has excellent compression and spark but please note it is direct drive and has no pull starter comes with original maxi torque centrifugal clutch uninstalled. Note rear tank shows no rust and chrome is good. Tires do show wear and front air deflector does have a small crack near top rivet. Also Omaha Knights were a minor league hockey team that operated from 1965-1975  Also comes with original paperwork helmet and manuals
3D IMAGE photo...

While attending the 2016 REARs TBO, Fremont, Ohio I met a young newbie vintage karting fellow. What was cool, we BOTH learned something. He was having an ongoing carburetor issue. I helped him resolved it; and, I learned something really interesting about his kart and his friend's kart. They were both D-301 karts, but they were completely different. Well, his friend's kart was a 1971, his kart was a 1972 (a major change that year).

I took a 3D image of the 1972 D-301; you will see the 1971 D-301 in the background.

Clicking the link will take you to the FYUSE site (a separate tab or window will appear). Depending on device: drag or swipe the image to rotate; and, with another step (varies again by device) you can view full screen.