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Full Version: Trash or maybe something more? ID help needed
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Hello, I found this interesting looking kart for sale online but I am having a hard time placing a name. If anyone could shed some light, it would be very helpful. Current suggested candidates: Bearcat, Moss, Black Hawk or just a stripped down quarter midget. 

These pictures are all I have to go off of unfortunately. Thanks for any and all help.
need better pix definitely looks like a moss that has been modified maybe for midgit racing?
the moss karts are rare so if it was a moss might be worth saving.
where's this thing located. 
d Cool
I agree with David. Has Moss frame characteristics; and, the steering hoop is shaped for legs to go through and having front and rear radius rods usually on 1/4 midgets.
Moss kart had a narrow steering hoop. Maybe one of the ill-conceived karts from a quarter midget maker? Walborg had some awful karts loosely based on their quarter midgets. Too bad we can't see the steering linkage in these pix. TJ
I was thinking the steering hoop was changed for legs to go through. Pictures certainly not great, I think I see a trace of the distinctive front cross member of the Moss. Could be an illusion???

There's no trace of the Moss rack and pinion steering gear. I see a pittman arm there. It's possible that the main rails were once Moss, but several other rigs had the hairpin side rails. Entire thing may be home built, modded fun kart or modded quarter midget. At any rate, even if it IS a Moss, there's not enough left of the original to be worth fiddling with. TJ